Why can't I see all my music in Capo touch?

Capo touch can load any songs from your iTunes library that are in the MP3, M4A, AIF, and WAV format. Unfortunately, there are certain cases where you may not see the music stored in your iTunes library.

If you subscribe to iTunes Match

Your music may not be stored locally on your device. Unfortunately, Capo cannot download music from the iTunes Match service, as Apple does not currently allow third-party developers to access this content.

To download a song from your iTunes Match account, head to the Music app and locate the songs you would like to load. Beside them, there will be a little “cloud download” icon that will allow you to get the songs on your device (and make them available to Capo and other apps.)

For more information, see Apple’s support link here:

If you do not subscribe to iTunes Match

It is possible that some of your music is in the Protected AAC format, which Capo cannot load. In some cases you can upgrade your songs to the new iTunes Plus format, and you can find more information about iTunes Plus here:

If none of the above apply

And you still cannot see your music in Capo, please get in touch at