Use Capo with Guitar Amp Simulation Apps

You can use Capo touch at the same time as your favorite guitar amp simulation apps (e.g. GarageBand, AmpKit, etc.) so that you can hear your electric guitar or bass while practicing with Capo.

To do this, you must first check that your amp simulator offers a “background mode” that allows its audio to continue playing when it is moved to the background.

For example:

In GarageBand, tap the Song Settings (wrench) button at the top right of your screen, then tap “Run in Background”. Now, toggle the “Run in Background” and “Use with Music Apps” options (if available.) More info can be found here on Apple’s support site:

Once you have both Capo and your guitar amp simulation app setup, you’re ready to begin rockin’ out!

If you encounter audio issues during playback

On some devices, the use of both an amp simulation app at the same time as Capo can be too much for your iPhone or iPad to bear. You may hear stuttering, skipping, or sometimes even silence when you hit the play button in Capo while the amp simulation is active.

To combat this, Capo touch offers a Low CPU quality setting that reduces Capo’s CPU usage during playback. Some devices require this playback mode in order to keep up with the demands of running two very intensive apps at once.

To change Capo’s Audio Quality setting:

Note: We also offer the complete opposite of the Low CPU audio quality setting: Best, where no expense is spared to provide the highest-quality slowing playback possible. Try it out on Apple's latest devices when you need to hear the most subtle details at the slowest speeds.