Exporting Notes and/or Chords to your DAW via MIDI Export

If you would like to move your work out of Capo to a scoring application or DAW, Capo allows you to export the chords and/or notes of a song you’re working on to a MIDI file. These MIDI files can then be imported into the scoring application or DAW of your choice.

Export a MIDI file from Capo:

Note: Capo will show a different Export menu item in the File menu depending on whether your song only has notes or chords contained within it. If both are present, you will be given a choice of what to include in the file.

Examples: GarageBand / Logic Pro

As an example, we have provided instructions below for importing a MIDI file into GarageBand and Logic Pro.

Tip: Be sure to check your DAW’s help files for any specifics on how the key signature is handled with imported MIDI files. In some cases, like GarageBand, it will be automatic. In others, you will have to make adjustments in your DAW so that the chords display with the expected flats and sharps.

Import MIDI files from Capo into GarageBand

Note: GarageBand will automatically adopt the key of the MIDI file so the chords will display with the correct flats and sharps.

Import MIDI files from Capo into Logic Pro

Note: The song key within the MIDI file will create a signature change in Logic (and the new key will appear in the Logic’s Global Signature Track). Additionally, you may want to set Logic’s tempo to the tempo identified in Capo (under Settings > Beats). By default, Capo exports all MIDI files at 60 BPM to synchronize with the original audio.
Note: You can also select "Import > MIDI file" from the File menu of an open Logic project. This will retain the song key of the Logic project and not update to the key of the imported MIDI file....which may be what you're looking to do!