Capo isn't getting ALL the chords correct — what’s going on?!

Capo 3 and Capo touch both come with our Chord Intelligence engine which takes the songs you load and analyzes them to detect and display the chords it hears. We have trained Chord Intelligence to recognize chords on a large set of known music samples, and Capo relies on that training to detect and display the chords in your songs. This technology is based on a technique called “machine learning”.

As you can imagine, music contains a lot of factors that can confuse our Chord Intelligence engine. There could be pitched snare hits, the vocalist could be singing passing tones, or the keyboard player is harmonizing the guitar player—at any moment, there could be conflicting frequencies that must be resolved. Given all this complex musical information, it is amazing how many chords are detected at all!

Obviously, our goal is to get as many chords correct as possible. But for the ones it doesn’t, we have made it simple for you to correct the missed detections yourself. All the changes you make to a song’s chords are stored in the Project as you go, so your modifications will remain intact the next time you return to work on a song.

If you’re interested in learning more, we have a blog post about Chord Intelligence that discusses how it works, its limitations, and where we hope to take it in the future.